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I had an awesome time at Jack Straws last night….their very first night of business. Walking down the courtyard, towards the front door, i was greeted by a solid row of windows which were airbrushed in black and white, with nostalgic scenery from top to bottom. Upon entry, i took notice how beautifully decorated the place was. The club section has a nice, huge stage for the performers to do their thing, and lots of low profile tables to sit and watch the show. Television screens adorned every overhead joyce. The food was really good. I especially enjoyed that one complimentary chicken wing I got to sample from the tray that was p being passed around. Next time…i’m getting a whole plate full, just for myself….but, which of the many sauces to choose??? Sharon’s pepperoni pizza tasted really good….but the one slice of thin crust that i wolfed down, had me wanting a whole bunch more. For my actual meal, I ended up selcting the John Belushi burger. That sandwich was huge, and quite tasty too. There were so many food items to choose from….and i wanted to try them all. And over time, i will. The service staff was blistering with speed, as well as precision. That was nice to see. Keep that shit up people, as I was truly impressed. My glass of Doctor Pepper was refilled everytime it sank below the half way point….which was quite often, as i was pretty darn thirsty. I definitly stayed well hydrated throughout the night. Kudos to the service team!! The music portion of the night was freaking amazing! Staggered Image opened the show, and shined brightly, laying down some serious sounds, like never before. Their selection of tunes, during both sets, really held my attention. Wanted, Dead Or Alive, was a highlight for me. I am not a big Bon Jovi fan, but that song has always “done it” for me. It was especially cool to watch my own Brother in Law, Dave Jatz, slaying his guitar during all those solos that were thrown his way. To the band Staggered Image…YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Jack Starr and Freinds closed out the evening’s music festivities with some cool, rocking tunes. Jack is always a crowd pleaser, and a guitarist that i really admire. The band mates he had on stage are all well known in their own right. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to stay for a few of his songs. All in all, it was a fun and eventful night. Good food, good friends, and great music…a combination that should, and will attract many patrons to this comfortable, well planned, well layed out establishment. I will recommend Jack Staws to any and all of my friends.


I went to this place on opening night, and I was deeply impressed! I used to come to this venue when it was Kenny D’s, a sports bar and an entertainment center. I was delighted with this new concept of being an entertainment venue featuring multitalented performers.

The aura was mystifying and captivating. How ironic it was that my server’s name was Misty! She was fabulous on her first night at Jack Straw’s and treated me splendidly!! The food was also delicious and prepared to my expectations. Marcus Curtis, the kitchen manager, did an excellent job in coordinating the food preparation. I remember him when he was a culinary management specialist at the original Mighty Mushroom Pizza and at the original Beef O’ Brady’s!!!

I highly recommend this place to others. Palm Bay is certainly in need of such entertainment venues! I wish the place well and hope it is successful. I will definitely be back and ask for Misty!!!


Nice music venue and very happy it is “smoke free”. Variety of food that was very good. Servers were super friendly and attentive. Large area with tables near the band or a quieter area near the bar. Something for everyone.


Opening night at Jack Straws was a huge success!! The food was delicious and the wait staff was very friendly and attentive. The entertainment was awesome! The place looks great, and the murals on the windows outside are so beautiful! I would recommend this hot new spot to everyone!